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Virgo Horoscope: Compatibility and Whereabouts of the Virgos

Virgo Horoscope Free

What to know what makes a Virgo so unique? The below Virgo Horoscope will help to know!  Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign represented by a virgin and are known to be shy. Virgos are identified to be perfectionist, helpful, fussy as well as suspicious. The perfectionists are hard workers, practical, modest and strong debaters. Jump down into kundli matching blog to know more about this zodiac signs .

  • Virgo Sign: Virgin
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruled by: Mercury
  • Favorite Day: Wednesday
  • Favorite Number: 5,14,23,32,41,50
  • Stones: Topaz
  • Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio
  • Negative Qualities: fussy, inexpressive, suspicious, adamant, inflexible.
  • Positive Qualities: Perfectionists, careful, reliable, precise, analytic .
  • Prominent Personalities: Mother Teresa, Vinoda Bhave, M.F Hussain, Shabana Azmi, Adam Sandler, Beyonce Knowles, Sophia Loren, Andy Roddick.

Virgo Horoscope free

Virgo Horoscope: Charateristics and Compatibility

Virgo Horoscope are shy in nature and prefer keeping their personal identity intact. Symbolized by a woman carrying a sheaf of wisdom. This symbol represents the harvest of wheat. Virgoans are  the perfect geeks who believe in working hard and fulfilling their goals. They are well committed to their work and practical about everything they do. Let’s know how exactly the people belonging to the Virgo Horoscope looks like:

Self Determined and Disciplined

Their motto is to be the ultimate winner in whatever he does.The goal is tracked with full determination and commitment. Virgo Horoscope never waste time in just bluffing, what he can do rather he believes in doing it! Before you think about their abilities to finding nakhatra, they leave no stone unturned to prove themselves.

Virgos possess an analytic mind

They are quick to find solutions to each and every problem. These sharp creatures pay attention to every detail that is often missed by many. The strategy to tackle problem is to divide the problem in small and workable parts and brings solution to the desired problem. These are best suited to be lawyers or detectives.

For the incompetence and stupid people, Virgos have no patience

Virgo easily gets frustrated with the incompetence and stupidity stuff. Bearing such type of people around them is quite difficult. Impractical or illogical thoughts are never welcomed by the Virgos. So, speak twice before you speak to Virgoans.

Quite Emotional and Sensitive from inside

Perfectionist like the virgos and horoscope matching are highly emotional and sensitive in nature but never show their feelings to others. Their matured thoughts never let them share their emotions. According to them, they feel they are burdening or troubling their loved ones with unnecessary burdens. Thus, never underestimate the smile with happiness, it may actually be sorrow.

Virgo Horoscope free online

Considered to be Mr Perfectionist

Bitten by the perfect bug, these creatures are always willing to be just perfect in everything they do. Their work speaks for themselves and believe in building high standards. They are in an urge of constantly pushing themselves to higher levels. This unsatisfying urge to reach higher levels, leads ultimately to stress.

Never less people may see the wild nature of the Virgo

They may be called as the perfect people, but it is rare to see their wild side. This is seen rarely when they are with their best buddies partying or tripping. Also, known to be reserved by nature, this wild behavior is not a normal scene. If you have a Virgo friend like this, make the most of the moment.

Rely on Facts and Evidences rather than Grapevine

Virgo Horoscope never believe in gossips going on in town, but rather believe in facts and evidences that might prove the situation.  They are independent thinkers and would never pay attention to the grapevine that define the issue or problem. Believe in thinking practically and come out with an independent conclusions.

Strong Opinions that are boldly proclaimed in Public

Strong Opinions are always raised firmly by the Virgo Horoscope. They are never afraid of the elements that may derogate their personal views on an issue. Firmly sticking to their issues make them a great activist that stand firm to fight against a serious problem.

The urge of attaining higher levels leads to stress

In the urge of being perfect, these creatures end up taking too much of stress. This is harmful both mentally and physically. They get so much involved in their work that nothing makes them more happy than a systematic and perfect working pattern.

Avoid dispute

Virgos never get into any violence matters either they keep themselves safe running away from disputes. They are clever enough to resolve all conflicts which may get converted into great controversy. You can also call them  as followers of India’s father Mahatma Gandhi!

Dislikes being lectured or judged

People under this zodiac sign are practical and clear about where they want to go.  If you over load them with never ending lectures, then it is obvious t hat they avoid all your long and boring lectures. Stop judging them! They surely hate this! These perfectionists are practical and like being on their own.

Sometimes, their leadership skills may turn bossy

Virgos inherit good leadership qualities, but get bossy at times.Their ability to pull a team and leading them towards personal growth is immense. But it is also true that at times they end up getting dominant and may wind up into slave driver.

Confidence, Ambition and Intelligence: These things never bore the Virgoans

To impress a Virgo, you need to be all of the above: Intelligent, Ambitious, confidence. Without these the perfectionists tend to get bored up very quickly. Even if you lack confidence and ambition, it is clearly fine, but intelligence is a must.

Trust is important for a Virgo to open up

Never expect a Virgo to be frank with any stranger or a friend so easily. It is important to win their trust than to just expecting them to open up. They prefer to understand a person than just expressing their emotions to them.

You may misinterpret a Virgo as calm whilst a nervous breakdown

These are good actors! Virgos have the tendency to remain cool even during deep sorrow. On the outer side, they might be great actors acting like ‘I am Fine’ but on the inside they are extremely sad or depressed. This makes them great artists!

Well organized people

Virgo Horoscope is great at organizing things and planning accordingly. Cleanliness is what they love and believe  to smoothen and work systematically  to avoid last minute mess. They also urge that people in their surroundings should also  have good organizational skills.

virgo astrology horoscope

You can rely on your virgo besties;  they will be loved till the end

You can count on Virgoans as friends. At the beginning, it might be difficult, but as you win their trust, they will love you forever. Their loyalty is what keeps the friendship alive. Never hurt a Virgo, but  win their trust to build a better friendship.

Virgo Compatibility

Virgo –Taurus: As person, both the zodiac signs are introvert and frequently socialize with the outer world. Both are reserved and love being around their type of people. In this relationship, Virgo Horoscope is important to maintain patience and this would be the most wonderful love match.

Virgo-Capricorn: Hard working, attentive, conserved are some of the common characteristics shared by the zodiac signs. One best part about this relationship  is that they share a strong bond and are very loyal to each other. Virgo Horoscope allows them to have an eye to eye contact and defines transparency in their relationships.

Virgo-Cancer: These zodiac signs are different from each other, but complement each other well. The Virgo is practical while Cancer inherits deep emotions and need for security. It would be obvious to say that they are a caring individual.

Over to You!

Virgo Horoscope speaks for itself about the Virgo as a reserved and prefer to build trust before opening up. The compatibility of horoscope  in according to virgo with other zodiac signs is mostly based on the ability of their partners to provide selfless love and most importantly trust. Virgo Horoscope opt for a stable relationship and believe in giving his all to his partner. Follow us to know more!

Janam Kundli

Janam Kundali: How to Know Hindi Janam Kundli and Reading

Janam Kundali Online

Are you wondering how to get your Janam Kundali easily? It is the same we know as a horoscope. A janam kundli of a person describes him from tip to toe. The mysterious language of the planets is revealed in the horoscopes. A janam kundli is a birth horoscope and just serves as a map of a person and his life. We also know it as a birth chart. Expert astrologers or jyotishis map out the horoscopes. It is created on the basis of details like birth time and date of the birth.You can called janampatri to janam kundli. Go down to know everything about birth and make a chart for that.

On the basis of the time of the birth, all the houses are calculated. The positions of the planets in the houses at the time of the birth is calculated. If you want to check your nakshatra then nakshatra finder is also available at our blog. Janam kundali is a form of the chart that shows the position of the houses at the time when the person was born. These planetary positions have a great impact on the person’s life. Our future events and personality traits are affected by this birth chart. Now with the advance technology, online horoscopes are also available.

Janam Kundali

What is the Use of Janam Kundali

A horoscope is like a yardstick to measure a person, his personality traits, and his major predictions. That is how horoscopes are an important tool to carry out the horoscope compatibility test. If you know and decode the person’s janam kundali, you will know if the person is difficult to handle for you or no. You can easily draw out the person’s strengths, attitudes, and weaknesses. Birth horoscope gives you a brief but important profile of a person. You will know which the strong points of the person are. Whether the person has a weak health or has good financial and social potentials. How the person is at emotional and mental level.

Janam Kundli in Hindi

Janam Kundli is also available in Hindi language. There are several free online software for Hindi janam kundali. You can also refer to our varshik rashifal 2017. The horoscopes in Hindi will let you know all the calculations in Hindi. You will be able to know the grah dasha, lagna kundali, dasa rashifal, masik and varshik rashifal. Kundali is also used to know predictions like mangal dosha, shani sade sati fal, gocharkal, and other predictions.

Janam Kundli

Kundali Reading

A janm kundali is a basis of all the happenings that is going to take place in your future life. If your planetary positions are not in your favour, even the hard efforts don’t work. Astrologers can predict better if the planetary positions are clear. The hindu tradition follows kundali matching before considering couples for the marriage. It shows how compatible the couple would be in future. The horoscope offers a gateway to happy future. Marriage is considered a heavenly unison that stretches beyond a single birth. A successful marriage is very significant for a better and healthier personal life and society. Hence, a person’s potentialities and weaknesses are considered before marriage. Janam kundali foretells what is written on the cards.

Astrological Solutions

Our age old traditional astrological science not only reads predictions. But it also give solutions to reduce the ill-effects of the adverse planetary position. Hence, if your birth chart is foretelling that your near future is difficult, an expert astrologer can give you solutions. These solutions are tantra-mantra, jaap, suraksha yantra, and other astrological remedies. These remedies mitigate the negative forces which are going to be powerful.

Janam kundali is a powerful tool gifted by our ancient science of vedic astrology. The online horoscope matching, Horoscope compatibility test, and rashi bhavishya are all the results of janam kundli. Our blog updates on astrological concepts including nakshatra finder. No matter whether you are using online janam kundali software or services of an expert astrologer. For the best results, use your accurate date and time of the birth. This will help you to draw out your birth chart with the most precise predictions.

Star Matching

Star Matching: Understanding Astrological Star Matching for Marriage

Star Matching Free

Star matching is one of the methods involved in match making.  Star Matching helps to understand the marriage compatibility and gives assurance about the longevity of the marriage. The Birth stars of two people are taken into account to match their qualities for a successful marriage.There are 20 Porutthams or Kootas in total that depict the qualities between the bride and groom. Currently, only 10 Kootas are considered.With the help of star matching method,you can find right partner based on your Rashi and Nakshatra.

Marriage is a dignified ceremony between two different people  to stay together. It is not just the bride or groom binding together, but 2 families together in a solemn relationship. In the Indian Astrology, marriage is an auspicious occasion wherein the bride and groom promise to be with each together for the next  7 generations. provides detail about the significance of star matching in Hindu Weddings:

What do you Understand by Porutham?

Porutthams or Kootas are the birth stars of the boy and girl. The matching scores of these kootas or Porutthams depict the compatibility between the both. Higher the Poruttham score higher is the longevity of the marriage. This is performed by the parents to ensure a better marriage life between the couples. Let’s move down to the 10 Porutthams or Kootas listed in the Indian Astrology.

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10 Porutthams Responsible for Marriage Making:

  • Rasi Porutham
  • Gana Porutham
  • Nakshatra Porutham or Dina Porutham
  • Yoni Porutham
  • Rajju Porutham
  • Raasi Athipathi Porutham
  • Mahendhra Porutham
  • Stree Dheerkha Porutham
  • Vasiya Porutham
  • Vedha Porutham

The first five Poruthams are very essential and should match. The mingling of the first five Kootas depict the harmony between the couple. The Marriage is regarded successful with the these kootas.

The Meaning behind the 10 Poruthams:

1.     Nakshatra Porutham

Nakshatra birth finder includes compatibility between wife and husband in terms of longevity and health. Good health and long life decides about the lifespan of both.

2.     Gana Porutham

It includes spiritual and mental compatibiliity between the both. There are 3 types of Gana Porutham i.e.

  • Deva: They are good natured and kind people.
  • Manusha: The good and bad qualities inhabiting in the bride and groom.
  • Rakshasa: These type of people are considered to be rude, aggressive and rough.

3.     Mahendhra Porutham

It contains the wealth earned by the couple along with children and their well being.

4.     Yoni Porutham

This koota speaks about the physical relationship between the 2 genders. A problem in this can bring problems in a relationship.

5.     Rashi Porutham

Mental compatibility between the couple, unity shared between them,disputes and displeasure that may occur in the relationship. This kootas mainly includes mental compatibility between the two.

6.     Rajju Porutham

This is an important factor. It denotes the longetivty of the husband. The mangal sutra worn by the bride denotes the strength in the wife to save her husband. This koota should be different for the man and woman. If it come to be same then it is known as Rajju Dosham.

7.     Rashi Athipathi Porutham

The astrologists look for the birthstars and hindi rashiful along with their lords. It tells that Friendship is important between the man and woman. Marriage sustains only because of friendship between the two.

8.     Stree Dheerkha Porutham

The life span of the wife is observed in this porutham. This indicates whether the wife will die before the husband during old age. The Porutham signifies prosperity and well being.

9.     Vasiya Porutham

This consists of attraction and adjustments in the marriage. The Mutual love between the couple and extend of adjustments matter.The Vasiya Porutham depicts that understanding and love that will sustain the marriage.

10. Vedha Porutham

The  affliction in the relationship can be understood with this Kootas. The lack of affection in the relationship can be measured through this Vedha Porutham. More the difference less compatibility between the husband and wife is considered, such a pattern in relationship is avoided.

Start Match online

According to the Manonmani Villas Panchangam, the 5 matches are utmost important for a  happy married life.Either one from the Mahendra, Rasi should match. For Mahendra, Rasi, Nadi, either one of the koota should match. The Yoni, Rajju and Vedha all should match to become the perfect couple. The matching of Rajju Porutham is very important to get hitched into a wedlock. Curious to know more, click this link!


The Hindu religion follows several such methods like free janam kundli Matching, Horoscope matching to finally reach to a desired decision on bringing two souls together. Star Matching involves Poruthams that reflect the future and longevity between two strangers who have decided to spent their whole life together. The Star Matching scores indicate the future of two lives.

Sagittarius Horoscope: Get all Details About the Archer

Anxious to know about the Sagittarius Horoscope! Kundli matching post bring to you all necessary information about the Sagittarius horoscope. The zodiac sign represents an  archer that symbolizes the development of the human soul. Optimistic, restless, enthusiast, adventurous, honest, independent, outspoken are some of the common characteristics inherited by the archer. Jump down to know more about these zodiac signs.

Sagittarius Sign: Archer

Element: Fire

Ruled by: Jupiter

Favorite Day: Thursday

Favorite Number: 3,12,21,30

Stones: Amethyst, Topaz

Compatibility: Aries, Aquarius, Gemini, Leo

Prominent Personalities: Dilip Kumar, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill etc.

Negative Qualities: Careless, tactless, impatient, superficial, over confident.

Positive Qualities: Optimistic, straightforward, intellectual, philosophical, golden heart, adventurous.

Sagittarius Horoscope Daily

 Sagittarius Horoscope: About

The Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign of the total 12 zodiac signs, which falls around Nov 22-Dec 21. This zodiac sign is ruled by straight shooting ‘Archer’. The archer is a half human and half horse who is the centaur of mythology and is considered to be intelligent that forms a bridge between Earth and Heaven. This was over the head? Let’s know about Sagittarians in detail.

Sag is curious to learn, their philosophical indulgence leads to higher learning. Their enthusiasm allows them to take risks in life. Sagittarius is honest, fair minded, inspiring, encouraging and dedicated. The archer is argumentative, carefree, crazy, untactful. These fire signed zodiac sign have a great bond with other fire signs like Aries and Leo. Stop getting impatient, we bring to you a list of characteristics that define a Sagittarius!

12 Key Characteristics that Defines the Sagittarius Personality

The Archer is Outspoken and Honest

Sagittarius will always put their foot front in speaking the truth. They are blunt and love being honest with their peers, family etc. Actual online horoscope compatibility says People with this zodiac sign are sometimes hated for their outspoken behavior but also appreciated  for speaking from the heart.  The archer is allergic to rosy language and admire people who speak the truth.

Optimists and the Risk Takers!

People born with the Sagittarius horoscope are enthusiastic and optimistic about their career. They believe in taking risks for a bright future. These people never cry on their weakness, but rather work to enhance their strengths. Their prime motto is to aim high and work hard to achieve their desired goals. The risk takers know that to achieve a bigger battle in life they need to sacrifice something to move forward.

They Desire to be Independent

Never make a mistake of imposing your rules on the archer. They love living their lives independently without any interruptions. Also, they don’t like being told how to live. Stop trying to control them, as they will distance themselves forever! Independence is their biggest strength!

Sagittarius Horoscope free

 Witty with a Wicked Sense of Humor

They naturally inherit a bizarre sense of humor. Due to observational humor and a bad taste for sarcasm, they make their friends feel crazy about them. Some times it depends on your birth. To know your free janam kundli(birth Astrology) you can follow this post. With Sagittarius as friends, be prepared to become a complete hysterics with their witty and wicked sense of humor.

Hate Listening Bullshit as well as Selfish People

No entry for the fake and selfish people! The Archers hate listening bullshit and will quickly detect the lie in your speech. They won’t think to say this in front of your face and make you feel embarrassed. Also, it is hard for them to withstand the selfish people who know to take but forget to give. The archer is fair minded and will make you regret if you are wrong.

Don’t use your Fooling Tactics against the Sag’s

Don’t mess with the Archers! They are pretty clever to understand your every more. These people think 2 steps ahead of you and always be ready with Plan B. Brainy people like these are quite smart to understand your tactics and change their tracks accordingly. Messing with a Sagittarian can be very injurious to health!

Expertise in Reading your Mind

Sagittarius are keen observers and will read your mind like a book. Your gestures or expressions will be scanned and understood by them. In just one meeting, the Sagittarians will understand your character instantly. Stay alert, they are clever enough to understand the misery going on in your mind.

Creative as well as Curious People

Creativity and curious are some of the common symptoms found in sag. Such type of people indulge themselves in creative professions like writing, music or philosophy. They have a constant hunger to know and learn more! Curious people are always excited and always in the investigating mood. Feed them with information or any creative jobs, they will surely enjoy doing both!

Sagittarians are Spontaneous when it comes to Outdoor Travelling

The Sag are spontaneous and love being outdoor. They always have a thumbs up for any outings or outdoor plannings. The archer is playful and brings it in public. You will surely love being around Sagittarians as friends! They are the spontaneous Plan Makers.

Careful about Love stuffs!

People with this zodiac signs can never settle with one person so easily. These types of people are strong commitment makers and would never fall for anyone so easily. The archer will mingle when he thinks the person is worth.

They don’t believe in keeping Grudges and are the Best of Friends

Sagittarians believe that forgetting the past and living in the present is the best way to live their lives. These zodiac sign let go things quickly and refresh themselves for a new start. As friends, they are damn loyal to their loved ones. You can surely count on them whenever needed even at midnight. You have a sag friend? Reserve them, they are the best of all!

Adventurous at Heart!

It is difficult to see a Sagittarian sitting at a single place. They prefer packing their bags for a long holidays, exploring new places. They love freedom and this quality enables long trips or vacations to exotic places. Sagittarians are great travelers from all the zodiac signs.

Sagittarius Horoscope today

Sagittarius Horoscope Compatibility

  •  Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman can be trusted as she cannot lie even if she wants to. She is playful and constantly puts efforts in making people around her happy. Sometimes, her efforts can be pushy or impractical that may be hard to explain when she goes wrong. Change is possible by disappointing her several times. This might make her serious and force to change her mind. You would find her at An unending mission to bring the best out of everyone.

As a partner, her happiness lies in personal growth and respect for personality.

  • Sagittarius Man

This zodiac sign cannot lie very well but may do so when he is unfaithful. The sag man can be trusted, but not on the basis of his stability of his emotional affection. These men are unreliable and change their likes or dislikes very fast. The fire element gives them speed to change in a matter of seconds.

He can be loyal if he finds someone following his pace, if it happens then there are chances of getting into commitments.


The couple sharing the same Sagittarius Horoscope  has an exciting, spontaneous and passionate relationship. It begins first as best friends and simultaneously carry their relationship to a next level. Both are quite adventurous thus, travelling would be the best time to explore and strengthen their bond. As partners they have shared values and carry their life with a light heated and optimistic approach. Both will be tempered, but won’t keep any grudges among themselves. Follow us to know more all about astrology such as nakshatra astrology, hindi rashiful, Star matching etc!



Nakshatra finder

Nakshatra Finder: How to Find Nakshatra and What is Birth Star?

Find Nakshatra

Astrology often make us think in which nakshatra we are born. Find your nakshatra in few minutes from wherever you are.There are total 28 Nakshatras,but we considered only 27 Nakshatras for calculations. You can also discover the birth star of any person by providing his/her details. There are sample of nakshatra finder and nakshatra calculators available online. To make it very convenient for you, we have shared here a quick Nakshatra determiner. This simple-to-use nakshatra finder will help you determine your janma nakshatra, also known as your birth star. Know the benefits and uses of this birth star finder. Nakshatra and raashis are two most important components of our ancient vedic astrology. It is the lunar mansion in Hindu religion astrology.

Nakshatra is a pattern of stars called constellation. A nakshatra finder is also used to know the nakshatra of any particular day. The ‘Stellar Astrology’ is a branch of vedic astrology that study nakshatra. Though there are 28 constellations, only 27 of them are used in astrological calculations. Your birth star says a lot about your rashi and birth stone. Find more about nakshatra and hindu calendar for try this finder.

Nakshatra finder

What you Can Do with Nakshatra Finder

A birth star finder helps finding your rashiful in hindi and help to knowing many astrological findings. Following details about your stars and signs can be determined using the nakshatra finder:

  1. Know your birth star or Janma nakshatra
  2. The lord planet of your sign
  3. Find your moon sign or rashi
  4. Know your zodiac sign
  5. Know your birth stone or lucky gemstone
  6. Finding essential characteristics of a person
  7. Helps in compatibility tests

The heavenly or astrological situations at the time of your birth influence your personality for lifetime. Hence it is our tradition to know the janma nakshatra for various purpose like kundli making and determining raashi.

Find nakshatra

What is Birth Star

Astrology wiki says term nakshatra is derived from the two Sanskrit words “naks” and “shetra”. Naks refers to the sky, while shetra means an area or a region. So, the word literally means an area of sky. As per vedic concepts, the sky is divided into 27 equal areas. Each are is known as nakshatra. As per vedic astrology, the moon travels across one nakshatra house for once in a single day.

Janma nakshatra is the house where moon is present at the time of person’s birth. The birth star is said to have powerful impacts on the personality traits of a person. To know your birth start, you need to provide your birth date and birth time. The nakshatra finder will calculate these details to find your birth star.

The vedic astrology divides the 360 degree zodiac into twelve houses. Each house is of 30 degrees. Each house is further divided into 27 star-constellations. These nakshatra or star-constellations are further divided into 4 quarters known as Pada. Predictions are made on the basis of position of a planet in these divisions. Your birth chart shows in which nakshatra your moon is placed. Nakshatra finder also helps in horoscope making. People born in different nakshatras have different personality traits.

Nakshatra Names

Since you are about to find your birth star, why not get familiar with the full list of nakshatra names. Here we have listed all the star-constellations.

Ashwini Bharani Krittika
Rohini Mrigcira Ardra
Punarvasu Pushya Ashlesha
Magha Purv Phalguni Uttar Phalguni
Hasta Chitra Swati
Vishaka Anuradha Jyeshta
Moola Poorvashadha Uttarshadha
Sharavan Dhanishta Satbhij
Purv Bhadrpada Utar Bhadrpada Revati

A person born in a particular nakshatra is an owner of certain characteristics. Hence, if you find a birth star of any person using this nakshatra finder, you will know the major personality traits of the person. This will also help you in knowing the compatibility level with that person.

Conclusion of Nakshatra Finder

The birth star finder will tell you your birth star. Also, the nakshatra position of the moon in your birth chart will be known. This information is very useful while preparing horoscope and matching kundli. The nakshatra are also known as moon houses. They help exploring the graha dashas or planetary periods of your janam kundli. They also influence your personality and luck factors. Let us know how this nakshatra analysis has helped you. We are sure you are happy with the quick results the nakshatra finder gives you. Keep visiting for all astrological findings.

Hindu calendar 2017

Hindu Calendar 2017: Full and Free Hindu Panchang Days and Months

Check Hindu Calendar

Hindu calendar is a traditional calendar followed in India by the Hindu religion. This post shares the epochs, eras, days, and months of this calendar. The Hindu calendar is followed by people in India to know the days and dates of the festivals and other rituals. The calendar follows the movement of sun and moon. Hence, most of the festivals are celebrated on the different dates every year. The calendar is also followed in other Hindu countries like Nepal. Even in India, different religious calendars exists in different regions. Like, there is Tamil religious calendar, and Gujarati Hindu panchang. Also, Marathi tithi calendar, and Punjabi calendar.Hindu festivals calendar is also known as Hindu Vrat and Tyohar can get month wise list of most Hindu festivals from this Post.

Hindu calendar is also popular as “Panchang” or “Panjika”. It is basically an astrological calendar practised by Hindus since ancient time. The dates are based on the astrological calculations. The main five basic elements of the calendar are Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, Paksha, and Vaara. If you want to check the tithi and yoga to follow vrat, fasting, and other rituals, this calendar will be helpful. Also you can match horoscope at our blog.

Hindu calendar 2017

Hindu Calendar Days and Months

Hindu calendars are based on the lunar year consisting of the 12 lunar months. Hindu people strongly believe in birth kundli. Further, the lunar month is comprised of two fortnights. The fortnights are known as Shukla paksh and Krishna paksh. We have shared a list of Hindu months and Hindu days.

Months of Hindu Panchang

  1. Chaitra
  2. Vaisakha
  3. Jyaistha
  4. Asadha
  5. Shravana
  6. Bhadra
  7. Asvina
  8. Kartika
  9. Agrahayana
  10. Pausa
  11. Magha
  12. Phalguna

All the above months comprise of 30 or 31 days. It is difficult to correlate these months with the months and dates of the Gregorian calendar. However, normally the Chaitra month begins in the third week of March. The Kartika month is at the end of October month.

Hindu Panchang

Hindu Panchang Vaar and Maah –  Days & Months

The Hindu calendar also follows seven days in a week. Following are the names of all the seven days of the Hindu panchang.

  1. Ravivara – Sunday (Sun)
  2. Somavara – Monday (Moon)
  3. Mangalavara Tuesday (Mars)
  4. Budhvara – Wednesday (Mercury)
  5. Brihaspativara or Guruvara– Thursday (Jupiter)
  6. Sukravara – Friday (Venus)
  7. Sanivara – Saturday (Saturn)

The seven days of a week are based on the celestial bodies of the universe. Hence, the name of the planets and stars are also mentioned against the days. The days represent a planet or a star or other celestial body.

The Lunar Year

As we saw above, the lunar year in the Hindu calendar contains 12 months. Months are made of 30 or 31 days and two fortnights. The beginning of the fortnights are known as Amavasya and Purnima. These fortnights are calculated on the basis of different phases of the moon. The waxing phases of the moon are known as Shukla paksh which is the bright phase. The waning phases are known as Krishna paksh or dark phase. The Shukla paksh is considered auspicious in the Hindu culture. The traditional astrological calendar is an integral part of our lives as we need to know the dates of the festivals. We also follow the auspicious days for doing any new beginning. Many rituals are also followed after the tithis of the calendar. Lunar calendars are also followed worldwide in other cultures like Chinese and Greek. However, the calculations differ in different calendars.

Eras and Epochs

Hinduism follows four eras known as yuga. Yuga literally refers to ages. There are four yugas or eras as per Hindu tradition:

  1. Krta Yuga or Satya Yug
  2. Trea Yug
  3. Dwapar Yug
  4. Kal Yug

The Kali yuga is said to have started approx. 5000 years ago. The epoch is the starting of the zeroth year. The epoch of the current era is 23rd January 3102 BC. The date is to mark the eternal return of God Sri Krishna.

There are valuable traditions in our culture and religion. We also check our traditional calendar to know the auspicious days and times during the month. Ceremonial events are decided on the basis of the auspicious timings and days. is created to bring all information and dates of the Hindu calendar. Know the months, days, and auspicious time as per the Hindu Panchang. Keep visiting us for exploring more information on Kundali matching, horoscopes, and raashi bhavishya.

राशिफल २०१७

राशिफल २०१७ in Hindi :Aaj ka Astrology Rashifal in Hindi

Rashifal 2017 in Hindi

राशिफल २०१७ हर राशि के लिया कैसा है? कैसा रहेगा आपका यह २०१७ का साल? राशिफल से अपनी

आनेवाली समस्याओं का हल जानिए और जीवन को और सुखमय बना सकते है. अगर आप व्यापiर,

पढाई, प्यार, करियर, और शादी ब्याह के मामले में अपने भविष्य को जानना चाहते है तो अपना यह

वार्षिक राशिफल २०१७ बहुत उचित है. आपको अपने सितारों के माध्यम से अपना

भविष्य जानने में मदद करता है. अपनी कुंडली भी आप यहाँ मिला सकते है.

आपका पारिवारिक जीवन, निजी जीवन, सामाजिक और आर्थिक जीवन का हाल कैसा होगा ये जानने के

लिए आप बहुत उत्सुक होंगे. यह राशिफल २०१७ आपको अपने संतानो के विषय में और कारोबार व्

परिवार के विषय में जानकारी देगा. अपने भविष्यकाल को जान कर आप योग्य निर्णय ले सकते है. तथा

गलत निर्णयों से बच भी सकते है.हर राशि का राशिफल अलग-अलग होता है।

राशिफल २०१७

मेष राशि भविष्य

मेष राशि जन्म-कुण्डली के सितारे संपूर्ण २०१७ के वर्ष के लिए अधिकतम अनुकूल रहेंगे. वर्ष के प्रारम्भ में आपके

उत्साह और परिश्रम की मात्रा बढ़ेगी. आप नए वर्ष के लिए योजनाएं बनाएंगे एंड धार्मिक कार्यों में रत

रहेंगे. चूँकि आप खर्च भी अधिक करेंगे. अत: आर्थिक रूप से आमदनी होने पर भी बचत के विषय में

वर्ष अधिक अच्छा नहीं है. संतानो को ले कर कुछ स्वास्थ्य सम्बंधित मुश्किलें आ सकती है. सावधानी

बरतिए और जरुरत पड़ने पर सहयोगियों की सहायता लेने से जिझके नहीं. गत वर्ष के अधूरे और बिगड़े

हुए कार्यों को आप अच्छे प्रयासों से पूर्ण कर सकते है. किन्तु याद रहे हर कार्य में सफलत जून के बाद

ही अधिक मिलेगी. परिवार और मित्रों के साथ वाद विवाद से दूर रहे.

प्रेम के मामले में वर्ष अधिक उत्तम नहीं है. अत: प्रिय व्यक्ति को अधिक समय दें.

वृषभ २०१७ राशिफल

वृषभ राशि के ग्रहों की चाल से प्रतीत होता है की इस राशि के जातकों का राशिफल २०१७ उज्जवल

रहेगा. किन्तु कुछ कठिनाइयों को छोड़ कर जिनसे आप आसानी से परास्त कर सकते है. धन का आना

जाना साधारण रहेगा. सुख सुविधाओं पर अच्छी मात्रा में खर्च होगा. अप्रैल के बाद से धन लाभ थोड़ा सा

बढ़ेगा. साल के मध्य अर्थात जुलाई में आमदनी के नए उपाय प्राप्त होंगे और लाभ भी हॉग. कृपया जमीं

और शेयर बाजार में जरुरत से ज्यादा निवेश न करें. नुक्सान की सम्भावना हैं. ख़ास कर अगस्त और

सितम्बर में न करें. पारिवारिक जीवन और सम्बन्धियों के साथ खुशहाली बानी रहेगी. आपके लाइफ

पार्टनर को कुछ परेशानिया रह सख्त है मगर कुछ वक्त तक. जीवन साथी से ताल मेल बनाये रखने में

ही आपकी भलाई है. अगर आप अविवाहित है तो किसी नए प्रेम सम्बन्ध की सम्भावना है. साधारण

तकलीफों को छोड़ कर स्वास्थ्य अच्छा रहेगा.

राशिफल २०१७

मिथुन राशि

मिथुन राशि के जातकों के लिए राशिफल २०१७ मध्यम है. वर्ष की शुरुआत ज्यादा अच्छी नहीं है. नौकरी

और व्यवसाय में भाग दौड़ रहेगी. अधिक प्रयासों के बावजूद भी अपेक्षित सफलता नहीं मिलेगी. किन्तु

जून के बाद समय अधिक सफल रहेगा. विद्यार्थियों के लिए आगे बढ़ने के अच्छे योग है. नए क्षेत्र को

चुनने में परेशान होने की जरुरत नहीं. चूँकि आर्थिक रूप से वर्ष इतना सफल नहीं होगा, मगर आपको

अच्छी प्रशंसा और सहयोग मिलेगा. हताश होने की जरुरत नहीं क्योंकि वर्ष के अंत में धन प्राप्ति के योग

ज्यादा हैं. आपका वार्षिक राशिफल २०१७ नवम्बर-दिसम्बर में सबसे अधिक उज्जवल हैं.

वैवाहिक जीवन में शांति लाने के प्रयत्न करने होंगे. लाटरी और शेयर से दूर रहने में ही भलाई है.

प्रेम संभंधों में पार्टनर पर संदेह कर संबंधों को नुक्सान न पहुचाएं. विश्वास को बनाये रखें. वार्ना सम्बन्ध

हमेशा के लिए खो सकते हैं.

ज्यादा बड़ी बीमारी से सामना नहीं होगा. छोटी मोटी तकलीफों से बचना होगा.

कर्क २०१७ राशिफल

२०१७ राशिफल के मुताबिक कर्क राशि का वर्ष मई तक कुछ मुश्किलों से भरा रह सकता है. नौकरीशुदा लोगों

को अन्य कर्मचारियों के साथ बहुत ताल मेल से कार्य करना पड़ेगा. परिवार की तरफ से कोई तकलीफ नहीं

होगी. किन्तु मित्रों से अनबन हो सकती है. पूरी सावधानी और सोच विचार से निवेश करने पर धन लाभ

अवश्य है. व्यापर कारोबार के लिए वर्ष बहुत लाभदायी है. कुछ पुरानी समस्याओं का समाधान होगा. सट्टे की

आदत भरी पड़ सकती है. अक्टूबर और नवम्बर में थोड़ा सावधान हो कर निवेश करना होगा. लंबी यात्रा का

कार्यक्रम अगस्त और दिसम्बर के दरम्यान करें. आमदनी अच्छी होगी और नए रोजगार के अवसर मिलेंगे.

प्रेम सम्बन्ध गाढ़ बनेंगे और अगर विवाहित है तो पत्नी से सहयोग रहेगा. संतान योग अच्छा है.

छात्रों को मेहनत अधिक करनी होगी. ज्यादा परिश्रम से ही अच्छे अंक प्राप्त होंगे. अगर नौकरी में परिवर्तन

चाहते है तो अवश्य प्रयास कीजिये.

सिंह राशि

सिंह राशिफल २०१७ काफी हद तक सकारात्मक है. कुछ स्वास्थ्य संबंधी समस्याओं और प्रॉपर्टी से जुडी

मुश्किलों के आलावा वर्ष बेहतर होगा. जुलाई से दिसम्बर में किस्मत के सितारें ज्यादा तेज होंगे. आर्थिक रूप

से वर्ष सलामत है. बिज़नेस और नौकरीशुदा दोनों के लिए अच्छे अवसर है और सफलता भी है. किये गए

निवेशों से लाभ प्राप्त होगा. किन्तु वर्ष के मध्य में अधिक होगा. बिज़नेस को बढ़ाने के अच्छे अवसर है.

परिवार में कोई शुभ कार्य पूरा होगा.

सम्बन्ध विच्छेद की सम्भावना भी है. माता पिता से सहयोग रहेगा. वैवाहिक जीवन सुखमय होगा और

पत्नी से उचित सहकार मिलेगा.

किसी भी तकलीफ को नज़रअंदाज़ न करे. चिकित्सक से सलाह लें और बहार के खाने से बचे. परिवार में

किसी को बीमारी से जूझना हो सकता है. वाहन चलlने में लापरवाही न करें.

कन्या २०१७ राशिफल

कन्या राशि के जातकों के लिए २०१७ का वर्ष मध्य तक ज्यादा रुचिपूर्ण नहीं है. किन्तु वक्त बदलने का

बुद्धिपूर्वक इंतज़ार करना होगा. शुभ कार्यों और नए प्रयोगों को अगस्त मास के बाद आयोजित करें.

छात्रों को पढाई में परेशानियां आ सकती है. नौकरी की तलाश कर रहे हैं तो जरूर मिल जाएगी. ऑफिस में

अधिकारियों से प्रशंसा मिलेगी.

जीवनसाथी से नोक झोक हो सकती है. पारिवारिक जीवन थोड़ा त्रस्त रहेगा किन्तु ज्यादा चिंता की

आवयश्यकता नहीं. स्थितियां पुनः अच्छी हो जाएँगी.

कॉमर्स के छात्रों के लिए समय बहुत उपयुक्त है. अन्य छात्रों के लिए भी अनुकूल समय है. प्रशंसा के पात्र

बनेंगे और परिवार में सम्मान मिलेगा.

प्रेम प्रस्ताव को स्थगित रखना बेहतर होगा.

तुला राशिफल २०१७

आपके लिए वर्ष धन प्राप्ति के लिए अनुकूल है. वर्ष के मध्य तक निवेश करने पर सफलता मिलेगी. कर्ज लेना

मुनासिब नहीं होगा. परिवार में बड़े बुजुर्गों के स्वास्थ्य को ले कर चिंता होगी.

दांपत्य जीवन में कुछ अल्पजीवी तकरारों के आलावा सुख प्राप्त होगा. लंबी यात्रा का योग होगा. नौकरीशुदा के

लिए साल माध्यम है. न नुक्सान न तरक्की होगी. किन्तु निजी जीवन में और प्रेम संबंधों में ख़ुशी बनी रहेगी.

छात्रों को परीक्षा में सफलता के योग हैं. करियर के लिए वर्ष उत्तम है. शिक्षकों के सहयोग से क्षेत्र चुने.

अविवाहितों को योग्य सम्बन्ध के लिए थोड़ा और इंतज़ार करना पड़ सकता है. साल के अंत तक अच्छे रिश्तों

से मुलाकात होगी. अगर आप अपने प्रेम सम्बन्ध को विवाह में परिवर्तित करना चाहते है तो राशिफल

२०१७ आपके लिए अति उत्तम है.

वृशिक राशिफल २०१७

यह साल आर्थिक रूप से नियंत्रित है. किन्तु जितनी आय होगी उतने ही खर्च के अवसर भी है. शुभ कार्यों का

अच्छा योग है. आप अपने सहकर्मियों और मित्रों में लोकप्रिय होंगे. आर्थिक मदद देंगे. धार्मिक कार्यों में रूचि

बढ़ेगी. अगर राजनीती में है तो प्रभाव अच्छा रहेगा.

नौकरी और बिज़नेस में उन्नति ही उन्नति है. साल के अंत तक नए आयाम बनाएंगे. मुनाफा बढ़ेगा.

खासकर कला, पत्रकारत्व के छात्रों के लिए साल फायदेमंद है. अन्य विद्यार्थियों के लिए वर्ष साधारण है.

अधिक मेहनत की आवश्यकता पड़ेगी. निराशा भी मिल सकती है.

दांपत्य जीवन की पुरानी उलझने सुलझाने में सफलता होगी. प्रेम संबंधों में सफलता मिलेगी.

स्वास्थ्य को ले कर कुछ समस्याओं में खर्च रहेगा. ज्यादा लंबी यात्रा पर अकेले जाने से बचे.

धनु २०१७ राशिफल

धनु के जातकों के लिए शुभ वर्ष है. अच्छे फैसले लेंगे और व्यापार और नौकरी में भी फायदा होगा. ख़र्च घटेगा

और आमदनी बढ़ेगी. पैसों के लें दें में और कोर्ट कचहरी के मामलों में बहुत सोच विचार कर निर्णय लें. वर्ना

लंबा नुक्सान उठाना पड़ सकता है.

विज्ञान और तकनिकी के विद्यार्थियों के लिए सफलता के अच्छे योग है.

पेशे और नौकरी में भी बेहतरीन समय है. नए कॉन्टेक्ट्स बनेंगे और मित्रों में बढ़ावा होगा. सामाजिक रूप से

आप उन्नति करेंगे और लोकप्रियता प्राप्त करेंगे.

वैवाहिक जीवन में पत्नी से सम्बन्ध और मधुर बनेंगे. प्रेम संबंधों में विच्छेद की सम्भावना है. किन्तु नए

सम्बन्ध लाभकारी होंगे. साल के अंत में विवाह के अच्छे योग है.

मकर राशिफल २०१७

मकर राशि के लिए साल सामान्य रहेगा. फिजूलखर्ची बढ़ेगी. पैसों के लेन देन से दूर रहना अच्छा होगा. लॉटरी

से अचानक धन प्राप्त हो सकता है. शेयर बाजार में भी आकस्मिक धन लाभ हो सकता है.

सरकारी नौकरी चाह रहे लोगों के लिए अच्छी नौकरी मिलने की सम्भावना है. कुछ पुराने स्वप्न पूर्ण होंगे.

शिक्षा के लिए अक्टूबर और नवम्बर अच्छा समय है. नए क्षेत्र को अपनाने पर सफलता मिलेगी. विदेश में

जाकर पढाई करने के भी अच्छे योग हैं.

परिवार में माता पिता और रिश्तेदारों से सम्बन्ध मधुर बनेंगे.

पत्नी से योग्य सहयोग मिलेगा. साथ में बहार जाना भी होगा. प्रेम संबंधों को ले कर कुछ मानसिक तनाव

रहेगा. संदेह की स्थिति बन सकती है. मानसिक दबाव से कोई कार्य न करें.

राशिफल २०१७

कुम्भ २०१७ राशिफल

कुम्भ जातकों के लिए २०१७ का साल पेशे व् व्यापर के लिए उत्तम है. निवेश किया गया धन उत्तम परिणाम

भी लाएगा. किन्तु फिजूलखर्ची पर नियंत्रण रखना होगा. प्रॉपर्टी को ले कर चल रही उलझने सुलझ जाएँगी. कर्ज

से भी मुक्ति प् लेंगे. बचाया हुआ धन बहुत काम आएगा.

परिवार में आप लोगों को बहुत सहयोग देंगे और लोकप्रियता प्राप्त करेंगे. संतानो को ले कर चल रही समस्याएं

हल हो जाएँगी.

विदेश जाने की योजनाएं असफल हो सकती है. पार्टनरशिप के व्यवसाय में अच्छा मुनाफा होगा.

छात्रों को जरूर सफलता मिलेगा. एकाउंट्स, वकालत और मार्केटिंग के छात्रों के लिए बहुत उत्तम वर्ष है.

परिवार में सम्बन्ध अच्छे बनेंगे. दांपत्य जीवन सरल रहेगा.

अविवाहितों के लिए नए प्रस्ताव को ले कर समय अच्छा है. ख़ुशी का माहौल रहेगा.

मीन राशिफल २०१७

आपकी पिछले वर्ष की कुछ मनोकामनाएं पूरी होंगी. विदेश यात्रा के लिए उत्तम साल है. पंचांग के मुताबिक

आर्थिक स्थिति अच्छी होगी और आप लोगों को मदद भी करेंगे. विरोधियों से बचना होगा. ज्यादा मानसिक श्रम से व्यथित रहेंगे.

आपके कार्यक्षेत्र और प्रतिष्ठा में अच्छी प्रगति होगी. अगर आप विद्यार्थी है तो अभ्यास में इस वर्ष

अधिक ध्यान देने की आवश्यकता रहेगी.

नए प्रेमियों के लिए भी वक्त अच्छा है. प्रेम प्रस्ताव के लिए अच्छा वर्ष है. वैवाहिक जीवन में तनाव

रहेगा किन्तु मेल जॉल वापस कुछ वक्त बाद बढ़ जायेगा. ससुराल की तरफ के रिश्तेदारों से अनबन हो

सकती मगर स्थिति अधिक चिंतापूर्ण नहीं होगी. मुश्किलें कुछ दिनों में हल हो जाएगी.

स्वास्थ्य के लिए थोड़ा सा चिंतापूर्ण वर्ष रहेगा.

राशिफल २०१७ को अपने दोस्तों रिश्तेदारों में शेयर करना न भूलें. राशि भविष्य आपको अपनी आनेवाली समस्याओं से

विजय प्राप्त करने में महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका अदा करता है. आपका वार्षिक २०१७ राशिफल आपके लिए कैसा होगा यह जानने में

आपकी रूचि का हम आगे भी ख़याल रखेंगे. अपनी कुंडली के विषय में भी जानकारी पा सकते है.

kundli matching

Horoscope Matching: Free Online Horoscope Matching For Marriage

Horoscope Matching For Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful relationship between a man and a woman who lives by mutual understanding along with their families.With the help of Horoscope Matching, two beautiful souls get hitched forever. The norms related to marriage are originated during the Vedic era which focuses on lifelong consignment between a man and woman. Horoscope or Kundli matching is a ritual that is performed so that the couple enjoys a happy married life and nurture their offspring accordingly.

There are several ideologies attached to the concept of marriage which links to the zodiac signs to planetary positions, the name or its first letter and even lines of our palm. When we say about panchang of ‘Happy Married Life’ to any newly wedded couple, we congratulate them for the new beginning, wishing for a happy ending too. These days, the concept of marriage has changed with the emergence of interest marriage or divorce, all marriages don’t yield a happy beginning.

Horoscope Matching

Significance of Horoscope Matching

Horoscope matching is the first process in every marriage, we want to know about a stranger’s personality, behavioral patterns, nature and preference with the help of their planets inherited in the respective houses.Horoscope matching is based on nakshatras. There are two types of Horoscope matching patterns in the Indian Astrology. The compatibility between the stars may define the longevity of the relationship. The north and south India as different horoscope matching patterns. The mental, physical, intellectual and religious features of bride and groom should be matched necessarily. Lets know about them..!

Northern style of Horoscope Matching

In the northern style, the horoscope matching includes 8 factors and the compatibility between the couple is known by the number of points obtained by matching their Horoscope. There are 8 factors, with the matching of the above factors among the boy and girl may yield points that are assigned to the each 8 factors. More points yield better compatibility results in ‘Happily Married’. All the following factors are placed according to their points from 1 to 8. Let’s get into the details of these factors.

kundli matching

The 8 factors, determine the fate of two families are as follows:

  1. Varna- It symbolizes the similarity of caste between the couple. Compatibility is measured by the caste, with the increasing number of inter-caste marriages, this has become a problem.
  2. Vashya – with the match of this factor results in mutual love and harmony among the couple. The boy and girl needs to have this as no love no happiness.
  3. Tara-it includes the comparison of birth stars between the boy and girl. This factor may bring good health and longevity in their married life.
  4. Yoni- this emphasizes on the sexual life of the couple which leads to a happy married life.
  5. Grah Maitri- Here, the male and female dominant planets are compared which will determine the understanding level between them.
  6. Ghana- this reflects the psychological behavior of the couple their minds and control behavior which may decide the future prospects of the couple.
  7. Bhukta- better understanding results into exchange of ideas which may decrease ego clash and retain equality between the couples.
  8. Nadi- the word itself means ‘Pulse’. This focuses on the overall health of the family.

Southern style of Horoscope Matching or Koota Guna Matching

The people of south believe in the sign based charts and is based on the planetary hindu calendar. There are about 10 factors that determine the compatibility between the girl and boy. Also need to find nakshatra for horoscope matching. The more matching factors signify the better possibility of the future of the couple. Let’s jump to the 10  southern pattern of horoscope matching factors.

Southern style Horoscope Matching

  1. China- the stars of the couples are matched which may determine the longevity of the relationship.
  2. Ghana- The match of this factor determines a happy life of the couple.
  3. Mahendra- this renders better possibilities of offspring.
  4. Street Dheerga-match of this factor renders the gift of happiness and well being.
  5. Yoni- It emphasizes on a balanced married life.
  6. Rashi- it includes the happiness obtained from the birth of a child or children.
  7. Rasyadhipathi- emergence of wealth throughout the marriage deal.
  8. Vasya- ‘Love’ and ‘Affection’ between the couple.
  9. Rajju- it speaks for the longevity of the relationship.
  10. Vedhai- the possibility of evil forces that may emerge in the lifespan of the marriage.

Conclusion for Horoscope Matching

Normally, the marriage is said to be a relationship that lasts for about 7 generations and is not a union between two people, but ‘Two Souls’. This mythological belief helps us build a confidence about our future instead ‘Happy Future’. Horoscope Matching is believed in many parts of India and is practiced before every marriage so that the parents become tension free about their children. This norm is changing its face with increasing number of devices that is sad to hear. Hope this article has helped our valuable readers to know about our rich culture that is labeled as ‘Indian Culture’ and read more about rashifal. Follow us to know more!

Horoscope Compatibility

Horoscope Compatibility: 12 Astrology Zodiac Signs for good Compatibility

Horoscope Compatibility

Horoscope Compatibility  helps to know the nature of two different persons  and how compatible their relationship might hold. The 12 zodiac signs acquire 3 different elements  i.e. Earth, Air, Fire. Horoscope Compatibility is understood by the similarities or dissimilarities between the couple. Although, the proverb says, ‘Opposites Attract while the like repel’. Know which zodiac sign may make a perfect match!


Element: Fire

Most Compatible pairs: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Strengths: Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate

Weaknesses: Impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive

Being the first sign in the zodiac sign, it denotes a new beginning of an energy. Its likes include taking on leadership roles, physical challenges, individual sports and being comfortable in terms clothes. The Aries dislikes include delay or inactivity in terms of work. Aries loves social gatherings and look forward for speed and competition. It belongs to the element fire, thus are the most active zodiac signs.

They are passionate lovers and their relationship might last only if their primal needs are met!

12 zodiac signs free


Element: Earth

Most Compatible pairs: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces

Strengths: Patient, practical, responsible, reliable  

Weakness: Stubborn, possessive, uncompromising

The Taurus symbolizes  harvesting of fruits and labor. Hindi rashifal says these type of people like surrounded by love and beauty. People falling under this sun sign are easy money makers and their stubborn nature can be treated as strong commitment, thus they  make excellent employers. They are conservative, practical and well grounded. They love hanging out with friends and love meeting new people. Taurus are self indulgent and at times can turn into real greedy people.


Element: Fire

Most Compatible pairs: Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquaries

Strength:Gentle, Affectionate, curious,love learning and exchanging ideas.

Weakness: Nervous, indecisive

Geminis love reading books, music, chanting and hanging out with friends. They dislike being alone and living a monotonous life. It’s sign represent two different personalities, they love enjoying but at the same time they can turn into serious, restless people. These curious people believe in the proverb ‘Live life as if it is the last one!’. They are curious to experience and explore things in such a small lifespan. These dual characteristics are versatile, intelligent and talkative.


Element: Earth

Most Compatible pairs: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpion, Pisces

Strength: Loyal, Imaginative, sensitive, persistent

Weakness: Moody, manipulative, unsecured

The cancer are difficult to understand people as they are quite conservative about themselves. They are emotional, sensitive and possessive about their families. They are closely attached to their loved ones. Those born under this zodiac sign are quick to help and avoid conflicts.

Represented as crabs, they love messing with bigger and more powerful people than themselves. The crab doesn’t know this strength and  are aware about their directions, but mostly they choose the wrong directions which leads to learning serious lessons about life.

Horoscope Compatibility free


Element: Fire

Most Compatible pairs: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

Strength: Creative, generous, cheerful, humorous

Weakness: Lazy, stubborn, arrogant, self centered

Leos love watching movies,taking holidays and loved being admired. Their zodiac sign symbolizes as the Lion, known as the King of the jungle. They are ignorant, stubborn and materialistic people. Along with this, they are self-confident, dominant and born leaders. Their loyal and generous nature, build a good friend circle.

Being recognized as the lion the animal who lives with dignity and self respect, these horoscope matching people are bossy and unwilling to accept other ideas. You can check your free horoscope matching of today.They have their ego flying high and are too fond of their achievements.


Element: Earth

Most Compatible pairs: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpion, Capricorn

Strength: Loyal, king, hardworking, practical

Weakness: Shy, critical about themselves, believe in working not play

Virgos are animal lovers, love nature, cleanliness and inhabit healthy eating habits. Dislikes include rudeness, love attention and help takers. Their ability to observe the smallest details and humanistic behaviors makes the most careful of all the zodiac signs. They don’t accept their feelings easily, thus are sometimes misinterpreted.

Best quality lies in being well-organized and have a defined boundary of goals set in mind. Represented as the disappointed goddess who is in search for humanity among mankind.


Element: Air

Most Compatible pairs: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Strength: Social, Egalitarian, diplomatic and gracious.

Weakness: Decisive, carry grudges, self-pity

The Libra symbolizes scales that stands for justice, harmony and non-violence. They love being in harmony, sharing and prefer going outdoors. They are orthodox and would keep themselve away from conflicts. They are peaceful, intelligent and love art, music and visiting places. The Libra is charming and easy going people. A partner is a must requirement as they cannot stay alone.


Element: Water

Most Compatible pairs: Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces

Strength: Positive, emotional, passionate, brave, true friend

Weakness: Violent, jealous, secretive

Scorpions represent positive, determined, brave and dedicated. They do their research properly to find the truth. They love experiencing and expressing their emotions to others. They are fierce  and excellent leaders. People born under this sign take time to build trust, thus they are very careful before jumping into any relationship. Once the trust is gained, they are the faithful of all.

12 zodiac signs


Element: Fire

Most Compatible pairs: Aries,

Strength: generous, idealistic, humorous

Weakness: Impatient, fake promises, undiplomatic

These sets of people love freedom and are the best travelers of all. Their philosophical nature leads to explore many hidden secrets of the world.Those born under this zodiac sign are optimistic and enthusiastic. They have a set of goals and will be dedicated to fulfill them. These extrovert people make great pairs with fire signs ad less with air signs.

Horoscope compatibility and astrological star matching includes being open, humorous, expressive and would probably search for a sensitive, intellectual and expressive partner.


Element: Earth

Most Compatible pairs: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpion, Pisces

Strength: Responsible, Disciplined, reserved, self control

Weakness: Unforgiving, superiority

Capricorn have a good power of self control. They love being with family, following traditions and music. These people dislike everything at a point. Their inner state of interdependence that help them to get successful both in personal and professional life. He posses great managerial skills  and cannot accept changes easily. Capricorn horoscope compatibility are being committed, practical and careful while searching one.


Element: Air

Most Compatible pairs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittiurus

Strength: Original, independent, humanitarian, friendly

Weakness: Unpredicatable, detached, aggressive

Symbolized as the water bearer, these creatures are the friendliest of all. They are creative, honest, loyal and intellectual. These shy, quite yet energetic humans are deep thinkers and love helping others. During problems, Aquarius detaches himself from the world to restore power. Love making and surrounded by friends. Their horoscope compatibility includes being committed and give independence to their pals, treating them as equals.

Better horocope copatibility


Element: Water

Most Compatible pairs: Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpion, Cancer

Strength: Artistic, wise, music lovers, compassionate

Weakness:  Fearful, running away from problems, trust anyone easily

Pisces interpreted by the fish are very friendly which result into vivid friends. Selfless and are always willing to help others. Their horoscope compatibility includes being loyal, gentle, generous,caring and don’t believe in short term relationships.

Find your Perfect Horoscope Compatibility

These above Zodiac signs signifies Horoscope Compatibility between two people. Before getting into a wedlock, knowing the nature and personality of the person is very important. Find your partner ‘s horoscope through astrology kundli and Horoscope Compatibility!