Hindu calendar 2017

Hindu Calendar 2017: Full and Free Hindu Panchang Days and Months

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Hindu calendar is a traditional calendar followed in India by the Hindu religion. This post shares the epochs, eras, days, and months of this calendar. The Hindu calendar is followed by people in India to know the days and dates of the festivals and other rituals. The calendar follows the movement of sun and moon. Hence, most of the festivals are celebrated on the different dates every year. The calendar is also followed in other Hindu countries like Nepal. Even in India, different religious calendars exists in different regions. Like, there is Tamil religious calendar, and Gujarati Hindu panchang. Also, Marathi tithi calendar, and Punjabi calendar.Hindu festivals calendar is also known as Hindu Vrat and Tyohar calendar.you can get month wise list of most Hindu festivals from this Post.

Hindu calendar is also popular as “Panchang” or “Panjika”. It is basically an astrological calendar practised by Hindus since ancient time. The dates are based on the astrological calculations. The main five basic elements of the calendar are Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, Paksha, and Vaara. If you want to check the tithi and yoga to follow vrat, fasting, and other rituals, this calendar will be helpful. Also you can match horoscope at our blog.

Hindu calendar 2017

Hindu Calendar Days and Months

Hindu calendars are based on the lunar year consisting of the 12 lunar months. Hindu people strongly believe in birth kundli. Further, the lunar month is comprised of two fortnights. The fortnights are known as Shukla paksh and Krishna paksh. We have shared a list of Hindu months and Hindu days.

Months of Hindu Panchang

  1. Chaitra
  2. Vaisakha
  3. Jyaistha
  4. Asadha
  5. Shravana
  6. Bhadra
  7. Asvina
  8. Kartika
  9. Agrahayana
  10. Pausa
  11. Magha
  12. Phalguna

All the above months comprise of 30 or 31 days. It is difficult to correlate these months with the months and dates of the Gregorian calendar. However, normally the Chaitra month begins in the third week of March. The Kartika month is at the end of October month.

Hindu Panchang

Hindu Panchang Vaar and Maah –  Days & Months

The Hindu calendar also follows seven days in a week. Following are the names of all the seven days of the Hindu panchang.

  1. Ravivara – Sunday (Sun)
  2. Somavara – Monday (Moon)
  3. Mangalavara Tuesday (Mars)
  4. Budhvara – Wednesday (Mercury)
  5. Brihaspativara or Guruvara– Thursday (Jupiter)
  6. Sukravara – Friday (Venus)
  7. Sanivara – Saturday (Saturn)

The seven days of a week are based on the celestial bodies of the universe. Hence, the name of the planets and stars are also mentioned against the days. The days represent a planet or a star or other celestial body.

The Lunar Year

As we saw above, the lunar year in the Hindu calendar contains 12 months. Months are made of 30 or 31 days and two fortnights. The beginning of the fortnights are known as Amavasya and Purnima. These fortnights are calculated on the basis of different phases of the moon. The waxing phases of the moon are known as Shukla paksh which is the bright phase. The waning phases are known as Krishna paksh or dark phase. The Shukla paksh is considered auspicious in the Hindu culture. The traditional astrological calendar is an integral part of our lives as we need to know the dates of the festivals. We also follow the auspicious days for doing any new beginning. Many rituals are also followed after the tithis of the calendar. Lunar calendars are also followed worldwide in other cultures like Chinese and Greek. However, the calculations differ in different calendars.

Eras and Epochs

Hinduism follows four eras known as yuga. Yuga literally refers to ages. There are four yugas or eras as per Hindu tradition:

  1. Krta Yuga or Satya Yug
  2. Trea Yug
  3. Dwapar Yug
  4. Kal Yug

The Kali yuga is said to have started approx. 5000 years ago. The epoch is the starting of the zeroth year. The epoch of the current era is 23rd January 3102 BC. The date is to mark the eternal return of God Sri Krishna.

There are valuable traditions in our culture and religion. We also check our traditional calendar to know the auspicious days and times during the month. Ceremonial events are decided on the basis of the auspicious timings and days. Kundalimatching.org is created to bring all information and dates of the Hindu calendar. Know the months, days, and auspicious time as per the Hindu Panchang. Keep visiting us for exploring more information on Kundali matching, horoscopes, and raashi bhavishya.

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