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Janam Kundali: How to Know Hindi Janam Kundli and Reading

Janam Kundali Online

Are you wondering how to get your Janam Kundali easily? It is the same we know as a horoscope. A janam kundli of a person describes him from tip to toe. The mysterious language of the planets is revealed in the horoscopes. A janam kundli is a birth horoscope and just serves as a map of a person and his life. We also know it as a birth chart. Expert astrologers or jyotishis map out the horoscopes. It is created on the basis of details like birth time and date of the birth.You can called janampatri to janam kundli. Go down to know everything about birth and make a chart for that.

On the basis of the time of the birth, all the houses are calculated. The positions of the planets in the houses at the time of the birth is calculated. If you want to check your nakshatra then nakshatra finder is also available at our blog. Janam kundali is a form of the chart that shows the position of the houses at the time when the person was born. These planetary positions have a great impact on the person’s life. Our future events and personality traits are affected by this birth chart. Now with the advance technology, online horoscopes are also available.

Janam Kundali

What is the Use of Janam Kundali

A horoscope is like a yardstick to measure a person, his personality traits, and his major predictions. That is how horoscopes are an important tool to carry out the horoscope compatibility test. If you know and decode the person’s janam kundali, you will know if the person is difficult to handle for you or no. You can easily draw out the person’s strengths, attitudes, and weaknesses. Birth horoscope gives you a brief but important profile of a person. You will know which the strong points of the person are. Whether the person has a weak health or has good financial and social potentials. How the person is at emotional and mental level.

Janam Kundli in Hindi

Janam Kundli is also available in Hindi language. There are several free online software for Hindi janam kundali. You can also refer to our varshik rashifal 2017. The horoscopes in Hindi will let you know all the calculations in Hindi. You will be able to know the grah dasha, lagna kundali, dasa rashifal, masik and varshik rashifal. Kundali is also used to know predictions like mangal dosha, shani sade sati fal, gocharkal, and other predictions.

Janam Kundli

Kundali Reading

A janm kundali is a basis of all the happenings that is going to take place in your future life. If your planetary positions are not in your favour, even the hard efforts don’t work. Astrologers can predict better if the planetary positions are clear. The hindu tradition follows kundali matching before considering couples for the marriage. It shows how compatible the couple would be in future. The horoscope offers a gateway to happy future. Marriage is considered a heavenly unison that stretches beyond a single birth. A successful marriage is very significant for a better and healthier personal life and society. Hence, a person’s potentialities and weaknesses are considered before marriage. Janam kundali foretells what is written on the cards.

Astrological Solutions

Our age old traditional astrological science not only reads predictions. But it also give solutions to reduce the ill-effects of the adverse planetary position. Hence, if your birth chart is foretelling that your near future is difficult, an expert astrologer can give you solutions. These solutions are tantra-mantra, jaap, suraksha yantra, and other astrological remedies. These remedies mitigate the negative forces which are going to be powerful.

Janam kundali is a powerful tool gifted by our ancient science of vedic astrology. The online horoscope matching, Horoscope compatibility test, and rashi bhavishya are all the results of janam kundli. Our blog updates on astrological concepts including nakshatra finder. No matter whether you are using online janam kundali software or services of an expert astrologer. For the best results, use your accurate date and time of the birth. This will help you to draw out your birth chart with the most precise predictions.

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