Sagittarius Horoscope: Get all Details About the Archer

Anxious to know about the Sagittarius Horoscope! Kundli matching post bring to you all necessary information about the Sagittarius horoscope. The zodiac sign represents an  archer that symbolizes the development of the human soul. Optimistic, restless, enthusiast, adventurous, honest, independent, outspoken are some of the common characteristics inherited by the archer. Jump down to know more about these zodiac signs.

Sagittarius Sign: Archer

Element: Fire

Ruled by: Jupiter

Favorite Day: Thursday

Favorite Number: 3,12,21,30

Stones: Amethyst, Topaz

Compatibility: Aries, Aquarius, Gemini, Leo

Prominent Personalities: Dilip Kumar, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill etc.

Negative Qualities: Careless, tactless, impatient, superficial, over confident.

Positive Qualities: Optimistic, straightforward, intellectual, philosophical, golden heart, adventurous.

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 Sagittarius Horoscope: About

The Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign of the total 12 zodiac signs, which falls around Nov 22-Dec 21. This zodiac sign is ruled by straight shooting ‘Archer’. The archer is a half human and half horse who is the centaur of mythology and is considered to be intelligent that forms a bridge between Earth and Heaven. This was over the head? Let’s know about Sagittarians in detail.

Sag is curious to learn, their philosophical indulgence leads to higher learning. Their enthusiasm allows them to take risks in life. Sagittarius is honest, fair minded, inspiring, encouraging and dedicated. The archer is argumentative, carefree, crazy, untactful. These fire signed zodiac sign have a great bond with other fire signs like Aries and Leo. Stop getting impatient, we bring to you a list of characteristics that define a Sagittarius!

12 Key Characteristics that Defines the Sagittarius Personality

The Archer is Outspoken and Honest

Sagittarius will always put their foot front in speaking the truth. They are blunt and love being honest with their peers, family etc. Actual online horoscope compatibility says People with this zodiac sign are sometimes hated for their outspoken behavior but also appreciated  for speaking from the heart.  The archer is allergic to rosy language and admire people who speak the truth.

Optimists and the Risk Takers!

People born with the Sagittarius horoscope are enthusiastic and optimistic about their career. They believe in taking risks for a bright future. These people never cry on their weakness, but rather work to enhance their strengths. Their prime motto is to aim high and work hard to achieve their desired goals. The risk takers know that to achieve a bigger battle in life they need to sacrifice something to move forward.

They Desire to be Independent

Never make a mistake of imposing your rules on the archer. They love living their lives independently without any interruptions. Also, they don’t like being told how to live. Stop trying to control them, as they will distance themselves forever! Independence is their biggest strength!

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 Witty with a Wicked Sense of Humor

They naturally inherit a bizarre sense of humor. Due to observational humor and a bad taste for sarcasm, they make their friends feel crazy about them. Some times it depends on your birth. To know your free janam kundli(birth Astrology) you can follow this post. With Sagittarius as friends, be prepared to become a complete hysterics with their witty and wicked sense of humor.

Hate Listening Bullshit as well as Selfish People

No entry for the fake and selfish people! The Archers hate listening bullshit and will quickly detect the lie in your speech. They won’t think to say this in front of your face and make you feel embarrassed. Also, it is hard for them to withstand the selfish people who know to take but forget to give. The archer is fair minded and will make you regret if you are wrong.

Don’t use your Fooling Tactics against the Sag’s

Don’t mess with the Archers! They are pretty clever to understand your every more. These people think 2 steps ahead of you and always be ready with Plan B. Brainy people like these are quite smart to understand your tactics and change their tracks accordingly. Messing with a Sagittarian can be very injurious to health!

Expertise in Reading your Mind

Sagittarius are keen observers and will read your mind like a book. Your gestures or expressions will be scanned and understood by them. In just one meeting, the Sagittarians will understand your character instantly. Stay alert, they are clever enough to understand the misery going on in your mind.

Creative as well as Curious People

Creativity and curious are some of the common symptoms found in sag. Such type of people indulge themselves in creative professions like writing, music or philosophy. They have a constant hunger to know and learn more! Curious people are always excited and always in the investigating mood. Feed them with information or any creative jobs, they will surely enjoy doing both!

Sagittarians are Spontaneous when it comes to Outdoor Travelling

The Sag are spontaneous and love being outdoor. They always have a thumbs up for any outings or outdoor plannings. The archer is playful and brings it in public. You will surely love being around Sagittarians as friends! They are the spontaneous Plan Makers.

Careful about Love stuffs!

People with this zodiac signs can never settle with one person so easily. These types of people are strong commitment makers and would never fall for anyone so easily. The archer will mingle when he thinks the person is worth.

They don’t believe in keeping Grudges and are the Best of Friends

Sagittarians believe that forgetting the past and living in the present is the best way to live their lives. These zodiac sign let go things quickly and refresh themselves for a new start. As friends, they are damn loyal to their loved ones. You can surely count on them whenever needed even at midnight. You have a sag friend? Reserve them, they are the best of all!

Adventurous at Heart!

It is difficult to see a Sagittarian sitting at a single place. They prefer packing their bags for a long holidays, exploring new places. They love freedom and this quality enables long trips or vacations to exotic places. Sagittarians are great travelers from all the zodiac signs.

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Sagittarius Horoscope Compatibility

  •  Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman can be trusted as she cannot lie even if she wants to. She is playful and constantly puts efforts in making people around her happy. Sometimes, her efforts can be pushy or impractical that may be hard to explain when she goes wrong. Change is possible by disappointing her several times. This might make her serious and force to change her mind. You would find her at An unending mission to bring the best out of everyone.

As a partner, her happiness lies in personal growth and respect for personality.

  • Sagittarius Man

This zodiac sign cannot lie very well but may do so when he is unfaithful. The sag man can be trusted, but not on the basis of his stability of his emotional affection. These men are unreliable and change their likes or dislikes very fast. The fire element gives them speed to change in a matter of seconds.

He can be loyal if he finds someone following his pace, if it happens then there are chances of getting into commitments.


The couple sharing the same Sagittarius Horoscope  has an exciting, spontaneous and passionate relationship. It begins first as best friends and simultaneously carry their relationship to a next level. Both are quite adventurous thus, travelling would be the best time to explore and strengthen their bond. As partners they have shared values and carry their life with a light heated and optimistic approach. Both will be tempered, but won’t keep any grudges among themselves. Follow us to know more all about astrology such as nakshatra astrology, hindi rashiful, Star matching etc!



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