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Star Matching: Understanding Astrological Star Matching for Marriage

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Star matching is one of the methods involved in match making.  Star Matching helps to understand the marriage compatibility and gives assurance about the longevity of the marriage. The Birth stars of two people are taken into account to match their qualities for a successful marriage.There are 20 Porutthams or Kootas in total that depict the qualities between the bride and groom. Currently, only 10 Kootas are considered.With the help of star matching method,you can find right partner based on your Rashi and Nakshatra.

Marriage is a dignified ceremony between two different people  to stay together. It is not just the bride or groom binding together, but 2 families together in a solemn relationship. In the Indian Astrology, marriage is an auspicious occasion wherein the bride and groom promise to be with each together for the next  7 generations. provides detail about the significance of star matching in Hindu Weddings:

What do you Understand by Porutham?

Porutthams or Kootas are the birth stars of the boy and girl. The matching scores of these kootas or Porutthams depict the compatibility between the both. Higher the Poruttham score higher is the longevity of the marriage. This is performed by the parents to ensure a better marriage life between the couples. Let’s move down to the 10 Porutthams or Kootas listed in the Indian Astrology.

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10 Porutthams Responsible for Marriage Making:

  • Rasi Porutham
  • Gana Porutham
  • Nakshatra Porutham or Dina Porutham
  • Yoni Porutham
  • Rajju Porutham
  • Raasi Athipathi Porutham
  • Mahendhra Porutham
  • Stree Dheerkha Porutham
  • Vasiya Porutham
  • Vedha Porutham

The first five Poruthams are very essential and should match. The mingling of the first five Kootas depict the harmony between the couple. The Marriage is regarded successful with the these kootas.

The Meaning behind the 10 Poruthams:

1.     Nakshatra Porutham

Nakshatra birth finder includes compatibility between wife and husband in terms of longevity and health. Good health and long life decides about the lifespan of both.

2.     Gana Porutham

It includes spiritual and mental compatibiliity between the both. There are 3 types of Gana Porutham i.e.

  • Deva: They are good natured and kind people.
  • Manusha: The good and bad qualities inhabiting in the bride and groom.
  • Rakshasa: These type of people are considered to be rude, aggressive and rough.

3.     Mahendhra Porutham

It contains the wealth earned by the couple along with children and their well being.

4.     Yoni Porutham

This koota speaks about the physical relationship between the 2 genders. A problem in this can bring problems in a relationship.

5.     Rashi Porutham

Mental compatibility between the couple, unity shared between them,disputes and displeasure that may occur in the relationship. This kootas mainly includes mental compatibility between the two.

6.     Rajju Porutham

This is an important factor. It denotes the longetivty of the husband. The mangal sutra worn by the bride denotes the strength in the wife to save her husband. This koota should be different for the man and woman. If it come to be same then it is known as Rajju Dosham.

7.     Rashi Athipathi Porutham

The astrologists look for the birthstars and hindi rashiful along with their lords. It tells that Friendship is important between the man and woman. Marriage sustains only because of friendship between the two.

8.     Stree Dheerkha Porutham

The life span of the wife is observed in this porutham. This indicates whether the wife will die before the husband during old age. The Porutham signifies prosperity and well being.

9.     Vasiya Porutham

This consists of attraction and adjustments in the marriage. The Mutual love between the couple and extend of adjustments matter.The Vasiya Porutham depicts that understanding and love that will sustain the marriage.

10. Vedha Porutham

The  affliction in the relationship can be understood with this Kootas. The lack of affection in the relationship can be measured through this Vedha Porutham. More the difference less compatibility between the husband and wife is considered, such a pattern in relationship is avoided.

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According to the Manonmani Villas Panchangam, the 5 matches are utmost important for a  happy married life.Either one from the Mahendra, Rasi should match. For Mahendra, Rasi, Nadi, either one of the koota should match. The Yoni, Rajju and Vedha all should match to become the perfect couple. The matching of Rajju Porutham is very important to get hitched into a wedlock. Curious to know more, click this link!


The Hindu religion follows several such methods like free janam kundli Matching, Horoscope matching to finally reach to a desired decision on bringing two souls together. Star Matching involves Poruthams that reflect the future and longevity between two strangers who have decided to spent their whole life together. The Star Matching scores indicate the future of two lives.

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