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Virgo Horoscope: Compatibility and Whereabouts of the Virgos

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What to know what makes a Virgo so unique? The below Virgo Horoscope will help to know!  Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign represented by a virgin and are known to be shy. Virgos are identified to be perfectionist, helpful, fussy as well as suspicious. The perfectionists are hard workers, practical, modest and strong debaters. Jump down into kundli matching blog to know more about this zodiac signs .

  • Virgo Sign: Virgin
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruled by: Mercury
  • Favorite Day: Wednesday
  • Favorite Number: 5,14,23,32,41,50
  • Stones: Topaz
  • Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio
  • Negative Qualities: fussy, inexpressive, suspicious, adamant, inflexible.
  • Positive Qualities: Perfectionists, careful, reliable, precise, analytic .
  • Prominent Personalities: Mother Teresa, Vinoda Bhave, M.F Hussain, Shabana Azmi, Adam Sandler, Beyonce Knowles, Sophia Loren, Andy Roddick.

Virgo Horoscope free

Virgo Horoscope: Charateristics and Compatibility

Virgo Horoscope are shy in nature and prefer keeping their personal identity intact. Symbolized by a woman carrying a sheaf of wisdom. This symbol represents the harvest of wheat. Virgoans are  the perfect geeks who believe in working hard and fulfilling their goals. They are well committed to their work and practical about everything they do. Let’s know how exactly the people belonging to the Virgo Horoscope looks like:

Self Determined and Disciplined

Their motto is to be the ultimate winner in whatever he does.The goal is tracked with full determination and commitment. Virgo Horoscope never waste time in just bluffing, what he can do rather he believes in doing it! Before you think about their abilities to finding nakhatra, they leave no stone unturned to prove themselves.

Virgos possess an analytic mind

They are quick to find solutions to each and every problem. These sharp creatures pay attention to every detail that is often missed by many. The strategy to tackle problem is to divide the problem in small and workable parts and brings solution to the desired problem. These are best suited to be lawyers or detectives.

For the incompetence and stupid people, Virgos have no patience

Virgo easily gets frustrated with the incompetence and stupidity stuff. Bearing such type of people around them is quite difficult. Impractical or illogical thoughts are never welcomed by the Virgos. So, speak twice before you speak to Virgoans.

Quite Emotional and Sensitive from inside

Perfectionist like the virgos and horoscope matching are highly emotional and sensitive in nature but never show their feelings to others. Their matured thoughts never let them share their emotions. According to them, they feel they are burdening or troubling their loved ones with unnecessary burdens. Thus, never underestimate the smile with happiness, it may actually be sorrow.

Virgo Horoscope free online

Considered to be Mr Perfectionist

Bitten by the perfect bug, these creatures are always willing to be just perfect in everything they do. Their work speaks for themselves and believe in building high standards. They are in an urge of constantly pushing themselves to higher levels. This unsatisfying urge to reach higher levels, leads ultimately to stress.

Never less people may see the wild nature of the Virgo

They may be called as the perfect people, but it is rare to see their wild side. This is seen rarely when they are with their best buddies partying or tripping. Also, known to be reserved by nature, this wild behavior is not a normal scene. If you have a Virgo friend like this, make the most of the moment.

Rely on Facts and Evidences rather than Grapevine

Virgo Horoscope never believe in gossips going on in town, but rather believe in facts and evidences that might prove the situation.  They are independent thinkers and would never pay attention to the grapevine that define the issue or problem. Believe in thinking practically and come out with an independent conclusions.

Strong Opinions that are boldly proclaimed in Public

Strong Opinions are always raised firmly by the Virgo Horoscope. They are never afraid of the elements that may derogate their personal views on an issue. Firmly sticking to their issues make them a great activist that stand firm to fight against a serious problem.

The urge of attaining higher levels leads to stress

In the urge of being perfect, these creatures end up taking too much of stress. This is harmful both mentally and physically. They get so much involved in their work that nothing makes them more happy than a systematic and perfect working pattern.

Avoid dispute

Virgos never get into any violence matters either they keep themselves safe running away from disputes. They are clever enough to resolve all conflicts which may get converted into great controversy. You can also call them  as followers of India’s father Mahatma Gandhi!

Dislikes being lectured or judged

People under this zodiac sign are practical and clear about where they want to go.  If you over load them with never ending lectures, then it is obvious t hat they avoid all your long and boring lectures. Stop judging them! They surely hate this! These perfectionists are practical and like being on their own.

Sometimes, their leadership skills may turn bossy

Virgos inherit good leadership qualities, but get bossy at times.Their ability to pull a team and leading them towards personal growth is immense. But it is also true that at times they end up getting dominant and may wind up into slave driver.

Confidence, Ambition and Intelligence: These things never bore the Virgoans

To impress a Virgo, you need to be all of the above: Intelligent, Ambitious, confidence. Without these the perfectionists tend to get bored up very quickly. Even if you lack confidence and ambition, it is clearly fine, but intelligence is a must.

Trust is important for a Virgo to open up

Never expect a Virgo to be frank with any stranger or a friend so easily. It is important to win their trust than to just expecting them to open up. They prefer to understand a person than just expressing their emotions to them.

You may misinterpret a Virgo as calm whilst a nervous breakdown

These are good actors! Virgos have the tendency to remain cool even during deep sorrow. On the outer side, they might be great actors acting like ‘I am Fine’ but on the inside they are extremely sad or depressed. This makes them great artists!

Well organized people

Virgo Horoscope is great at organizing things and planning accordingly. Cleanliness is what they love and believe  to smoothen and work systematically  to avoid last minute mess. They also urge that people in their surroundings should also  have good organizational skills.

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You can rely on your virgo besties;  they will be loved till the end

You can count on Virgoans as friends. At the beginning, it might be difficult, but as you win their trust, they will love you forever. Their loyalty is what keeps the friendship alive. Never hurt a Virgo, but  win their trust to build a better friendship.

Virgo Compatibility

Virgo –Taurus: As person, both the zodiac signs are introvert and frequently socialize with the outer world. Both are reserved and love being around their type of people. In this relationship, Virgo Horoscope is important to maintain patience and this would be the most wonderful love match.

Virgo-Capricorn: Hard working, attentive, conserved are some of the common characteristics shared by the zodiac signs. One best part about this relationship  is that they share a strong bond and are very loyal to each other. Virgo Horoscope allows them to have an eye to eye contact and defines transparency in their relationships.

Virgo-Cancer: These zodiac signs are different from each other, but complement each other well. The Virgo is practical while Cancer inherits deep emotions and need for security. It would be obvious to say that they are a caring individual.

Over to You!

Virgo Horoscope speaks for itself about the Virgo as a reserved and prefer to build trust before opening up. The compatibility of horoscope  in according to virgo with other zodiac signs is mostly based on the ability of their partners to provide selfless love and most importantly trust. Virgo Horoscope opt for a stable relationship and believe in giving his all to his partner. Follow us to know more!

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